Takeya Ikuhara
Dears Character

A hotheaded 17-year-old(star sign is aries) high school student, and the protagonist of DearS. He is not used to change (which is the reason he has such a hard time accepting Ren since Neneko constantly showed his Alien movies when they were kids giving him xenophobia). But beneath his constant mask of indifference he has a kind heart. Takeya tends to jump into things headfirst, and waste more time panicking about a problem than solving it. He also seems to lose his temper more often than he should because of stress from low grade levels and keeping track of Ren, and as a result, has few close friends. He dislikes the idea of having a slave, though in the end, he does realize that he loves Ren. In the end of the manga he went into space to become a better man than his father and to be with Ren