Mitsuka Yoshimine
Dears Character
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Kikuko Inoue (Japanese), Wendee Lee (English)
The main characters' knockout teacher, Mitsuka-sensei is both intelligent and resourceful. She is also a shameless exhibitionist who spends more time conniving to "show off" to her students than she does teaching them English (Spanish in the English manga). Mitsuka has a habit of popping up when it is least convenient to Takeya and company, turning normal conversations into overly embarrassing situations, usually by mistaking most things for sexual acts. At times though, she does show surprising insight concerning the relationships of others, especially between Ren and Takeya.


Mitsuka has curly black hair, which she holds up in a ponytail, and brown eyes. She also has fair skin. While she is sometimes dressed in a uniform for her teaching job, nothing stops her from wearing over-sexualized outfits durings school hours (on campus, and even in class).


Not much is known about Mitsuka's far past, although she is involved in the story line on several occasions. In the first story, she's introduced as a teacher, but it is quickly revealed that she likes to "show-off" herself to her entire class.  Whenever she runs into other characters outside of school, she usually embarasses them by slipping into her sexual tendancies in midst of large crowds.


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